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Your choice of 3 different Albums from 3 different suppliers. From simple design to acryl fronts or even a 10inch tablet for your slideshow inside the casing of the box. 

Family Collection 

family collection.jpg

This Family Album Collection comes with a large Album for the parents (20x30cm), two smaller books for each side of the grandparents (15x20cm) and 8 small booklets for the rest of the family (10x13cm).

This sleek design also offers an breathtaking 10inch tablet to display your slideshow. This is the ultimate Family gift

Made in Italy (check out the clip down below, how its made) 

Made in Italy

Those who love Made in Italy do so because they look for style, elegance, attention to the details: this is the idea of quality of this printer refers to when project its books.

These books are known worldwide as one of the most accomplished examples of Made in Italy, distinguished for the accurate selection of materials, for research and development at the beginning of the creative process, not to mention the precision of the details.  Represented in Europe and  America truly shows the amazing graftsmenship of the products and the people that make them. The printing quality is guaranteed thanks to strict procedures and to the expertise of the technicians. This staff calibrates our printers more than once a day, correcting every minimal flaw and making sure the photographer can enjoy a perfect constancy of colors

Diamond and Grandparent Collection

This amazing line offers a lot of fabric choices, from velvet to leatherette or linen in lots of color choices. 

You have the choice of a single album with matching box and USB stick or the Grandparents collection that offers one larger 30x30cm album in a matching box and USB stick and two 20x20cm albums with matching boxes (no USB) for the Grandparents.

High quality paper and thick pages with different choice of cover.

The Grandparents Collection is my most popular picked product.


Made in Poland

Pearl Album

This Pearl Album is your starting point. A great affordable option for those who want to keep it a bit in a smaller budget. It comes it 3 different option and you are able to add the name to the front.

It is the least customizable but yet a sleek simple design that wows. It comes with a box (no USB) 

Made in Germany

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