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Safety and Studio Regulations

fully vaccinated


What to expect

At this time I allow all family members into my studio. You just have to sign a COVID-19 Liability waiver. 

Studio Hygiene

I keep a 48 hour between sessions policy in order to ensure that I have enough time to properly clean and sanitize my studio.

Ordering Appointments can be held in between sessions with hand-washing enforced rules. 

Everything used will be washed after the session as well as the whole room will be cleaned and sanitized. 


I wash my hands every time before I come back into the room as well as sanitize. Once you arrive I will ask you to take off your shoes and wash your hands before we get started. 

* don't forget to sing happy birthday twice to wash your hands long enough to remove germs.

Your responsibility

If you are feeling unwell or anybody in your family is not feeling well, please let me know so we can reschedule your session/appointment. 

Checking your temperature is also a great way to gauge it. 

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