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Fresh 48 sessions take place within the first 48 hours of the baby's birth. It's coined Fresh 48 because of the hospital standard being to keep mom and baby for 48 hours after delivery. Some practices are allowing moms to leave at 24 hours and sooner so make sure to discuss this with your provider.

Fresh 48 sessions are to announce the birth and have the first professional photos of the newly expanded family. 

If you're having a home birth or birth center birth you too can take part in a Fresh 48 session, this is not a hospital only service.

Things to consider:

There are many reason I love Fresh48 sessions:

- it is the closest thing you can get to the first moments with your baby short of the Birth Photography Session

- after a week when your newborn session comes along your baby is not longer as smushed as he/she was those first 48 hours. 

- despite your exhaustion and how tired you may feel,  your first moments with your baby are so precious and you can never go back.  

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