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Hi, I'm Ina, your photographer. I am excited to see that you are considering a session with me! 

I have been photographing maternity and newborn through first year since 2017 and what makes my work special is that I truly care about those sweet little people. I am here to make your experience as smooth and relaxing as possible. So when you book me you receive some down time to relax and maybe even nap as 90% of my parents do during their newborn session. All sessions will be tailored to your needs with constant communication between us.  
I am licensed and have taken many courses to ensure the safety of your newborn. Most of the time I work with an assistant to ensure that your sweet bundle is safe and never left out of arms reach for any poses. 
The atmosphere and quality I offer comes at a cost, but the experience you will have when you come to my studio is unique. 

The memories captured during our session will, with proper care, out live your lifetime and will always be a cherished memory for you and generations to come. 

The Consultation 

Before your session we will meet to discuss everything you need to know about the session. We also talk about product, colors, outfits and anything and everything you can imagine. Even though I have my typical workflow, I provide a posing guide that will show me what poses you like most and which are not so important to you. You also receive a copy of your contract and some more info about the session a prep guide and so much more...

Booking and Saving your Date

Your maternity session will be between 32-36 weeks to make sure you are showing enough and are still comfortable enough to walk around and do certain poses. ​Most session depending on location are done either around sunrise or an hour before sunset. 

For newborn we never know as these tiny beings have a mind of their own and we can never set a certain date until they are here. So what you will be penciled in for your due date and once baby gets here you will let me know and we will than set a for sure date.


In order to hold your spot I require a 250 deposit which is your session fee.

The session fee includes a wide variety of props and wardrobe items, a dedicated photographer and assistant as well as some delicious snacks during your newborn session and ordering appointment. 


Most clients invest an average of 4000 for the maternity and newborn bundle and about 2000 on  a newborn session alone. Portraits start at 160 and packages start at 750. So what you spend is entirely up to you.

Indoor Maternity and Newborn Collections Explained

My session fee does not include any product and in my packages you receive product with a digital file. The focus of my portrait studio is to print out your beautiful images so that your family can enjoy them daily. and so that you can pass them onto your children one day. But, I completely understand wanting the file as a back-up, just in case. So my compromise is to include a matching file with every portrait you purchase. This file is printable to 8x10” and you’re welcome to make your own small duplicates for family and friends, share on social media, or even scrapbook if you’re into that. But for anything larger, for any portrait that you want to last, I want to take care of that for you. I want to make sure the image and colors are perfect, and that it’s printed on quality, archival material. Is that something that would

Product and Packages

I offer a wide variety of quality long lasting products. From Matted Prints to Albums, Wall Art and more

The Matted Print Boxes are hand made in Italy at the Amalfi coast.. With silky smooth soft surfaces or elegant clean lines. 

The Albums are fully customizable from color to adding special notes. 

With a plethora or Wall Art I am sure we find something that you will love and that will fit into your home. 


Session Day

Most maternity sessions take anywhere from 30min to 1.5hours. It is up to you and how things flow. The more people that are involved the longer it takes. Most of the time it is mom, dad and possibly siblings. Some clients bring their dogs or grandparents and all that is perfectly ok with me. 

Newborn session take anywhere from 2-4 hours and all that depends on your sweet baby. I normally go through my whole workflow with parents poses and siblings if any. I love getting those connections with the whole family. 

This is your space during the session to relax, touch up makeup, feed and change your baby. There is a fully stocked refreshment area with gourmet snacks for you to enjoy. Plus there's a TV with Netflix ready to entertain children (or dads) when they are finished with their turn.


For your ordering appointment you will come back to the studio about a week after your session. You will be presented with anywhere from 30-35  fully edited images and you'll be able to decide which images you love and simply can't live without. You even have the option to take them home that day!

You will be presented with a slideshow that leaves most parents (dads too) crying beautiful tears of joy.  Besides the newborn session itself, this is one of my favorite parts and partly the reason I became a photographer.  This emotional time is so special and I love being a part of this wonderful, scary and joyful time in your life.

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