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Registered and Licensed Photographer at Handwerkskammer der Pfalz

Ina Long

Ina Long Photography

32578 Niceville


Tax ID #23/333/00028

There are no accredited or unified certifications for newborn posing safety in the United States or Europe. However, newborn safety is the utmost importance in the business and for me. I am dedicated to taking classes on properly and safely posing newborns and staying current on all the safety regarding your child.  

Listed are courses I have completed. 






Online Courses (*not limited to the courses listed)


The Milkyway

Maternity and Newborn Retreat 2018

Maternity and Newborn Retreat 2019

Family Retreat 2019

Maternity and Newborn Retreat 2020

Maternity and Newborn Retreat 2021

Maternity and Newborn Retreat 2022

Maternity and Newborn Retreat 2023

Veronika Marques

Maternity Fine Art Editing

Rachel Vanovan 




Erin Tole

Birdseye Workshop: January 2020

Birdseye Workshop: TBD 2020 

Meg Bitton

Reset: Newborn

Newborn Studio: Twins

The Newborn composite

Simple Studio: Maternity

Stripped (Boudoir course)

Reset: Focus

Reset: Composition

Let there be light: Harshlight


Ana Brandt's 

Pregnancy and Newborn Photography

Newborn Props and Posing

Newborn Baby Safety with Ana Brandt & Stephanie Robin 

Baskets, Buckets and Beanbags

The Ultimate Birth Photography Resource

Beyond the Basics

Creative Newborn Layering

Newborn, Sibling and Family

Underwater Baby & Maternity

The Videography Workshop

Milk Baths

Master the Dress Toss

Silhouette & Backlighting

Creative Newborn Wrapping

Kelly Brown's 

Newborn Photography Bootcamp 

Newborn Posing  

Wrapping tutorials 

Parent Posing

Getting it right in Camera

Julia Kelleher's 

Baby Plans: Photographing the Early Years  

The Creative Newborn Photography Studio 

Sue Bryce

Fine Art 


Posing, children, families and portrait

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