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Kinderhotel Ulrichshof

My family and I love kids hotels. I know being in Europe and traveling is something that a lot of military families love to do. But one thing that I wish I had known about sooner are Kinderhotels. There are a bunch around and we have tried 5 so far.

One of my favorites is Ulrichshof. It is located about 4.5-5 hrs away from the KMC area and has a lot of what your heart desires. This is our second time and here and there have been some improvements since last year and they are still working on adding more.

The first thing that we noticed when we walked in was the lobby. It is decorated to look like a forest and feels very much like nature. The whole theme of the hotel seems to be based on the nature look. Now with this grand entrance you have a large set of impressive stairs. In the Lobby in front of the stairs you have swings and more swings. When you walk up the stairs you will see a bar that you can grab beer, wine, coffee and 5 or 6 different non alcoholic beverages. Also the first floor you will find a slide that goes down into a room behind the stairs in the lobby. It is a castle build for kiddos to run and just have fun. Lot's of foam (this area is not supervised) and around the corner there is a movie theatre and toilets that include a changing station with diapers, wipes and other things you would need for littles.

But not only do you have the castle, there is a play garage on the -1 floor, a kids pool and from what I found out they are adding trampolines, a climbing wall and many many more things. Those are the things that you can do with your children. However there is a baby club and a toddler (up to 10 years) club where you can drop of your kiddos and they are supervised. While your kids are taken care of you can hang out in the parents spa (no kids under 16 allowed, and be aware nudity is optional) The kids clubs are open from 9:00 to 20:00 everyday. More options for parents while their kids are is getting a massage or a facial, jet peel or many more options. You could book a personal trainer session or just relax and enjoy yourself.

The food is great.... All the food is buffet style, breakfast is 07:00-10:45, lunch 11:30-14:30 and coffee and cake 12:30- 16:00 where you seat yourself. Dinner you have to make a reservation and are in 2 hrs slot I believe. Dinner is from 17:30-21:00. Also they offer organic baby food and all different types of milks. Another thing I loved was that they had Keto and Vegan dessert options at the coffee and cake bar. They also have a ton of different jams, honey and spreads for breakfast. Trust me when I say you will not go hungry and the food is delicious.

Since this is our second time we booked a bit bigger room this time. The first time the room was fine and I will upload videos on youtube for you. We stayed in the room midi last time and you walk in and walk into the parents bedroom to your left was the bathroom that had a separate toilet but the shower and sink was open. There also was a separate kids bedroom that slept 3 kids.

This time around we got the Boehmerwald which you walk into and you are in the living room with a gorgeous view. The parents bedroom is to your left with a separate glass sliding door and curtain for privacy. To your right are two kids bedrooms that all in all sleep 5 children and a separate kids bathroom.

One amazing thing that really stuck out to me was the pillow buffet. I am not exaggerate when I tell you, you can choose any pillow that you want. From side sleeping to neck pillow, from different textures/fillings to different smells... it is something else...

A few points to note. There is a mini bar but only the sodas and candy are free. The beer you pay for but you can always go to the bar and get free beer. Also we went in the middle of summer and it was hot. This time we brought a fan as they do not have fans. But after speaking to management they are currently working on adding more rooms and the new ones do include AC. They are also working on adding a suite with private pool but they do have a waitlist for that.

They have an outdoor play area and a petting zoo with donkeys, bunnies and goats. This place also used to be a farm and they still have horses and offer private riding lessons.

Overall our stay at Ulrichshof was great. We loved the area and the atmosphere. It was lacking a bit for older kids but once that is built I think this place will be even better.

Here are a few videos of the hotel. Our Suite Midi from our first stay and our Luxury-Suite Boehmerwald from our second stay. Also find the link to their website below.

Luxury-Suite Boehmerwald:

Hotel Website:


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