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Why you should add on a Maternity session...

Adding on a maternity session during pregnancy can be incredibly meaningful for several reasons:

  1. Memories: Pregnancy is a unique and transformative time in a person's life. Capturing this period through photography allows you to preserve memories of this special journey.

  2. Capturing the Journey: Documenting your pregnancy through photos allows you to visually track the progression of your babies first moments, from the early stages to throughout life.

  3. Feeling like a Queen: Pregnancy can sometimes come with physical discomfort and challenges. A maternity photoshoot provides an opportunity to celebrate yourself, embrace your changing body, and feel beautiful and empowered.

  4. Remembering the Experience: As time passes, it's easy to forget the specifics of what pregnancy felt like. Maternity photos serve as a tangible reminder of the emotions, excitement, and anticipation that accompanied this period in your life.

  5. Spoiling Yourself: Pregnancy can be a demanding time, both physically and emotionally. Treating yourself to a maternity session is a form of self-care and allows you to indulge in a special experience that focuses solely on you and your journey to motherhood.

Overall, adding on a maternity session is about honoring and cherishing the experience of pregnancy and creating lasting memories that you can look back on with joy and nostalgia in the years to come.


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