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Hospital Bag Packing List...

When should you start packing your bag? Just like installing the car seat, you want to have it ready when baby decides to make his/her grand entrance. But when is really best time? It all depends on if this your first or not. How long your body and baby decide to stay put. I would recommend packing your bag around 36/37 weeks. I do my maternity sessions between 32-36 weeks because moms normally start to show a nice bump but are not as uncomfortable yet. Which is exactly why I would recommend you start packing... Most women gain a pound a week the last four weeks. So you can imagine that at some point you might not feel as comfortable to get around and start packing. Therefor I would recommend having your bag packed around that time.

But what goes into the hospital bag? Technically all you really need is a car seat for baby and an outfit for baby to come home in. But if you want to more prepared, which most of us do I prepared a free print out check list for you below.

For Mom: For Dad:

Nursing Outfit Clothes

Slippers Pillow

Comfy Pants Water Bottle

Going Home Outfit Tooth Brush & Tooth Paste

Robe Snacks

Water Bottle Shower Gel

Warm Socks Blanket

Toiletries: For Baby:

Shampoo and Conditioner Diaper Bag

Tooth Brush 4 Onsies

Tooth Paste Newborn Diapers

Basic Make-up Baby Wipes

Facial Cleaner Swaddle

Facial Lotion Going Home Outfit

Dry Shampoo Pacifier

Deodorant Hat

Hair Ties

Nipple Cream



Misc: Phone/Tab/iPad

Birth Plan Phone Charger (long cable)

Cash for Vending Machine Medication

Hospital Packing List (1)
Download PDF • 4.32MB


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