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Involuntary break...

Pun fully intended lol....

On May 31st I went for a little ride in the arena on my horse. She spooked and bolted and my saddle started to slip. I fell off, as I tried to get up and got myself on all fourth I collapsed back down because of the pain I was feeling. People from the stable came rushing in as I was just laying there unable to get up. The ambulance was called and I was rushed to the hospital were they found that my clavicle was fractured. The following Tuesday I had surgery and was put back together.

Now I am left with the healing process and unable to pick up my camera for a few weeks. Physical therapy should start next week after my follow up appointment and I am very hopeful that I can get back to my normal routine by June.

I miss my clients. I miss capturing those memories for amazing people.... Never would I have thought this would happen and the more I sit here not able to do what I love which is not only photography but working out and caring for my horse. I can't help but feel terrible for the clients that I had to cancel on.

But I promise to take this time to fully recover and I will be back in no time to continue my work of capturing memories that last a lifetime.




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